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2000 CRC "Contact Gold" Protective Lubricant for gold contacts **Nett Price** 2001 CRC "Switch Cleaner Lubricant" 300g Cleans & lubricates s/w & contacts **nett price** 2005 CRC "2-26" Electrical 300g Cleans - lubricates - penetrates **nett price** 2012 CRC "Contact 2000" 200g CFC Free Precison electronic cleaner **nett price** 2016 CRC "CO Contact Cleaner" 350g Plastic safe formula **nett price** 2017 CRC "NF Contact Cleaner" 400g Extra Strength-may harm plastic **nett price** 2018 CRC "Lectra Clean" 400g Cleaner- Degreaser **nett price** 2039 CRC "Freeze Spray" 300g Multi-purpose Dry Coolant **nett price** 2043 CRC "Plasticote" 300g Clear protective insulating lacquer **nett price** 2053 CRC "Wire Pulling Lubricant" 1Kg Water based formulation with Teflon **nett price** 2071 CRC "VDU-99" 200g Foaming cleaner for screens & CD **nett price** 2085 CRC "Zinc It" 350g 90% Zinc galvanic rust protection **nett price** 2094 CRC "EQ Silicone" 300g Lubricate, waterproofs, protects **nett price** 3013 CRC "Soft Seal" Metal protect 300g Long term anti-rust protection **nett price** 3040 CRC "Dry Glide with Teflon" 150g Dry Film lubricant, multi-purpose **nett price** 3063 CRC "CDT Cutting Oil" 300g Drill & Thread Cutting Lubricant **nett price** 3097 CRC "Long Life" Lubricant 300g Long term anti-rust protection **nett price** 5501 CRC Penetr8, 400g, pack of six Hi Speed Penetrant 6028 CRC "Tackle Guard" 130ml Specifically designed for Fishing Tackle -cleans,lubricates,protects **nett price** L SM TQ