AC Technologies is now established as a leading specialist New Zealand manufacturer skilled in the RF, Fibre and Data media areas.

Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Fibre patch leads – most connectors, any length and type of cable, breakout cables and custom cables;
  • RF leads, jumpers and custom cables;
  • Specialist panel design and build;
  • Fibre Optic distribution panels and frames;
  • Custom built enclosures including Fibre, DC Power distribution;
  • Earthing straps.


ACT’s dedicated manufacturing division, staffed by skilled technicians with over 20+ years bespoke manufacturing experience provide an efficient, versatile and timely delivery to meet our customer’s needs.


To ensure the highest quality product ACT has invested heavily in industry standard, high quality manufacturing and testing equipment. This equipment includes RF PIM testers, Fibre fusion splicers, Interferometers, OTDR’s.





How do you benefit by using AC Technologies manufacturing services:

  • ACT can quickly assemble and test cables, saving you time and money.
  • Cables can be made to the required lengths, saving your installation time and wastage.
  • ACT’s large stock holding of quality cable and connectors allows us to manufacture and provide solutions with quick turnaround, assisting you to meet project deadlines.
  • ACT’s extensive stock holding means you don’t need to carry stock for your cabling requirements.
  • ACT’s quality testing and processes ensure the cables and assemblies produced are of the highest quality reducing risk and potential problems.

ACT’s manufacturing goal is to ensure your project,  big or small is finished on-time, to-spec, to-budget, with no-callbacks.

Recent Projects ACT has completed:

Completed Projects


For more information about ACT’s manufacturing offerings, please call the sales team on 0800 870 001 or email